Luca Fabozzi,
Sourdough Pizza consulting.

About me:

Welcome to my website. 
I am Luca Fabozzi and I’m a Neapolitan pizzaiolo.I was born in Naples (Italy) in the summer of ’92.  I lived there almost my entire youth, but currently I am living in Antwerp. 

I studied at the “Academy of Pizza” in Naples, and there I was given the necessary training to start my career.

After many experiences working with “Associazione Pizzaioli Napoletani” and different pizzerias in Naples, I decided to leave my country with the ambition to spread my culture and the traditions of my city around the world …

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“Happiness is turning around and realizing that there is another
piece of pizza on the plate.”

Want to learn the art of pizza?
You'are at the right place!

If you’re looking for lessons to refine your skills or you simply just want to make pizza’s for you and your friends but you don’t have any experience? Don’t worry, I got you!

Here you will learn all the strategies you need to become a professional pizza maker.

You will take on a complete set of skills; from the dough, to the method of preparation, the right ingredients to use, how to manage the oven, to cooking it up to the final result of your pizza.

Above that I will teach you the creation and usage of sourdough. The natural processes in this method makes it by far one of my favorite dough to work with.  It also has many health benefits and more importantly it has an exquisite taste.

Finally I will pass on to you the most important ingredient that will make you become a true pizzaiolo : THE PASSION.

How do I improve myself or my business?

If you already have some experience and you want to finetune your work , let yourself be guided by those who have the proper knowledge and experience to help.

A consultation for your business includes an evaluation of your work and professional advice to improve your products. Together we create a strategy to advance your current methods and preparations.

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