A little bit about me

I am Luca Fabozzi, I am 29 years old and i am a Neapolitan pizzaiolo.

I was born in Naples(Italy), the pizza capital of the world.
Growing up there as a kid I developed an interest for pizza and the “arte bianca” but it really became a true passion when I started studying at the “Academy of Pizza”. There I was given the necessary training to start my career and it made me realise that travelling and making pizzas was the best way to represent my city and its traditions. 

Working in Belgium gave me the opportunity to work together with a lot of talented chefs teaching me how to mix a lot of different cuisines inspired by different cultures. After noticing many people were eager to learn the art of the craft, I decided to start giving pizza lessons, consultations and workshops. This is for me a dream coming true, as I always wanted to share my culture with other people.